1s and 0s: The Rise of Online Shopping

“We are not robots” I have to constantly remind myself of that. We are humans with complex emotions, complex interactions we’re not just 1s and 0s. It’s hard to remember that at times when we’re completely engulfed by all the technology around us. We spend hours each day on our mobiles surfing the internet. A lot of that time is spent talking to other people through the cold glass of our mobile phones. We talk to others but something is missing, the interaction is not the same it’s just not as fruitful.

It seems to be only getting worse with time, the future does indeed look gloomy. For starters sex robots are becoming a reality, our basic primal interactions between each other are going to be replaced with bedroom sessions with a cold machine. “We are not robots” I repeat believing the statement less and less with each repetition. Who needs friends and relationships when you have AI and algorithms, right?

I belong to the generation that grew up both with and without the internet. I remember the first dial up connection that we installed at our house, I remember how the houses phone line would be busy every time we would go online. We’ve come a long way since then and the internet has definitely improved our overall quality of life. We however need to be cautious, we need to use technology to improve and not to completely replace our basic human interactions and needs.

We are the generation that values practicality and instant gratification. Nothing deserves our full attention anymore, there’s always something better to give our attention to. We might spend time with the people in  our lives but we’re never fully there. We may be seated in the same room but the exchange is not there, there’s always a better article to read on Facebook. The only true relationship we have is with our smartphone, that’s our true life partner or to quote Samsung’s galaxy S4 slogan that’s our true “life companion”.

This value of practicality is changing the way in which we carry out our daily lives. A sector in which this is clearly visible is the retail sector. Online shopping is on the rise at the expense of brick and mortar stores. People are too busy to walk through the city streets or through shopping malls and to visit shops. They would rather stay at home and purchase products through their computer screens in the comfort of their homes.

I remember when I was young and shopping was like an outing and more of an experience with friends and families. I grew up with two sisters so shopping was kind of a big deal and my sisters together with my mom would go shopping quite often. I was personally not a fan of going shopping with them, I mean watching my sisters shop for clothes was not really my cup of tea. They knew how to convince me to join though, the sweet prize of junk food would be enough to tempt me to join. I can bare through the hours of shopping when I can almost smell my Burger King Whopper.

When I look back at these memories they were always pleasant, walking through the city, spending time with family and of course Burger King! I wonder if Kids nowadays have similar experiences but it’s probably more like a mom scrolling through the stores inventory on her laptop and the child just picking what catches his eye and then they have it delivered to their house.

Malls and shopping districts offer a lot more than just shopping. It’s a place where friends and family can meet up as they engage in shopping or to an even larger extent engage in window shopping. It’s a place where friends and family can have coffee together or try that great Burger Joint that opened up next to the local H&M. It’s a place where people hang out, it’s a place where memories are created.

What memories are created through online shopping? What experiences do people have as they shop online? I for one want to see these malls and shopping districts continuing to exist and flourish. I don’t want my busy lively local city center to die out because of the practicality of shopping through a computer screen. I want technology to help enhance human experiences, I don’t want technology to be the catalyst behind its extinction. These experiences give life and color to this binary world of ours.

About Clappy:

Clappy is a universal loyalty program delivered in app format(powered by blockchain) that aims at keeping brick and mortar stores running and that aims at making it attractive for shoppers to shop at these stores by rewarding them for their purchases. Stay tuned to our social media pages for progress on our product and the expected release date.

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