Loyalty is Royalty

Loyalty is great it’s something that we really value as human beings but it’s something that we rarely find nowadays. I’ve bet you’ve heard it a million times from dog owners “ (insert corny dog name) is great he shows me unconditional love and loyalty” this is often followed by a statement on how they prefer dogs to humans because you won’t see these traits in humans. This is often true, I mean look around you and you won’t really see loyalty.

For instance look at relationships, we are the generation that is indulged in what is coined as the “hookup culture”. Commitment terrifies us, we find it extremely hard to commit to one person. We’re the instant gratification generation we only crave excitement and we jump from person to person every time we feel the excitement dying. We find it increasingly harder to build connection and to have stability with one person. We’re no longer loyal to people, the only thing that deserves our love and undivided attention is excitement.

We’re a generation of Nomads who cannot settle in one place. Travel has become so cheap and so accessible that we can just pick up and leave to anywhere on the globe whenever we want to. We no longer have an affinity or sense of attachment to our birthplaces. Travelling is exciting, adventure and discovery are almost like a drug and we travel at every opportunity that we have. In a sense, our “loyalty” to places has also died. Sure you might feel a sense of attachment to that beautiful sunny Island that you’ve been to in Spain but that’s only until you discover something even better.

We are no longer loyal to our companies or job positions. We might be satisfied working for the company that hired us but that’s only until we get a better job offer from an even better company. Back in the day you’d hear of people starting off at a certain company and eventually retiring there but you rarely see that nowadays. We are “Job Nomads” navigating through the job market with every job position that we hold is only temporary. By the time we’re in our 40s, our CV would probably be at least 3 pages long stating every company we’ve worked for.

You even see this lack of loyalty in the world of sports. A good example of this would be in football where you hear about players with price tags with more zeros than a binary code. Players no longer commit to a club the way they used to at one point and the same goes for team managers. This nomadic culture is very present in football as you see players moving from club to club as their careers progress. Club loyalty is almost extinct as the old generation makes way for the new. You’ll rarely get players like the recently retired Totti who said to quote “I cheated on all my girlfriends but never cheated on Roma and never will”. This might not be the best quote to demonstrate loyalty but you get the point.

One of the areas where we witness the biggest decrease in loyalty is with shops and brands. The flooding of options due to free trade, the rise of online shopping and the increased ease of mobility means that we are no longer confined to geographic locations. Options are great but the overabundance of them has lead to a lack of loyalty towards these brands and shops. If I don’t want to shop at the stores around my house then I’ll just order off Amazon and have it shipped to my house. If I’m bored of my Samsung phone then there are hundreds of different brands that I can choose from. Brands and stores are struggling to catch the short attention span that people nowadays have.

Today’s fast-paced and extremely connected world has lead to the decrease of loyalty in all the different aspects of life. I’ll end this article with a quote “Loyalty is Royalty”. Like royalty, loyalty is something that we put on a pedestal, we all value loyalty in one way or another. Moreover like royalty, loyalty is something that is very rare and something that isn’t very present in society.

About Clappy:

Clappy is a universal loyalty program delivered in app format(powered by blockchain) that aims at keeping brick and mortar stores running and that aims at making it attractive for shoppers to shop at these stores by rewarding them for their purchases. Stay tuned to our social media pages for progress on our product and the expected release date.

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