At Clappy, we know that 80% of the revenue can be generated by a loyal 20% core group of customers. By providing a state of the art loyalty program we keep your customers coming back

Boost Sales

An active loyal user base would proportionally increase sales

User Optimization

You no longer have to manually assign points to users it is automated through QR codes.Also you can integrate the program with your POS system.

Personalised Program

Assign the cashback margins and attribute higher margins to frequent shoppers

Satisfied Customers

Reward users for engagement and keep them satisfied with an appealing and personalized program


Clappy is your one stop solution for Marketing, both for attracting new customers and for retaining old ones

More visibility

Open a new channel to increase your visibility with our increasing user base. You can now acquire new users quick & easy

Reach the right segment

Segment users based on different criteria and send out targeted and personalized promotions to increase customer engagement.

Easy to use marketing campaigns

Easily set up marketing campaigns and evaluate how effective they are with one click.


You no longer have to pay for expensive advertising slots to reach potential customers.

Insights & analytics

Clappy provides you with invaluable insights and analytics that will help your business thrive

CRM system

You no longer have to worry about storing your customers in a database. With Clappy you’ll have access to a CRM system that allows you to efficiently store all your customers.

Customer Insights

Truly understand your customers, you’ll be able to gain valuable insights about your customers and their shopping preferences.


Easy to understand analytics that highlight correlations and that provide you with priceless information about your business

Actionable Data

Receive invaluable strategic information that will allow you to better organise your inventory and drive more in-store engagement

Payment Gateway

An innovative solution powered by blockchain that provides a seamless experience for our customers and our users. It allows users to pay or redeem their Loyalcoin by simply scanning a QR code off a receipt or iPad.

Highly Secure

You can rely on our state of the art blockchain technology for secure & encrypted transactions

Supports Multiple Currencies

No matter where your business is, you can receive payments in your own currency.

Fast Transactions

The transactions and the transfers of cashback take place in real time and are hassle-free.

Low Fees

You will have a seamless payment process without having to pay high transaction fees.


Clappy utilizes gamification to drive engagement with your customers and keep them hooked to the platform. We’re always on the look-out to make this the most fun and rewarding loyalty program in the Benelux


A system where users are categorized into levels and the more they shop through Clappy the higher their level is

User Optimization

Users will be allowed to choose their own perks and benefits once partnerships start rolling out. The higher their level the more valuable their benefits

Contests and Games

We will keep the program entertaining by holding valuable contests and games to maximize spending

Reward User Engagement

Motivate users and keep them more loyal by offering rewards even for non-purchasing activities such as engaging with the brand on social media.

Clappy Deals

Clappy will generate additional sales for its merchants by the deployment of our ClappyDeals platform. This platform allows third parties to market and sell their services or products. The product or service being sold must be highly discounted which will be in the form of LoyalCoin. All additional LoyalCoin being pumped into the loyal economy will be spent at the registered merchants' stores!